Gold, she loves the merchant and the master of the land;

Silver loves the artisan so deft and sure of hand.

Copper loves the laborer behind his plough and wheel;

But you, my little soldier-child — for you the love of steel.

— Tamsharn nursery rhyme

Bloody vendettas. Spectacular jailbreaks. Drakhan fire magic. Battle-priests. Wyverns and wyvernmasters. Toquan ogres. Bounty hunters. Enchanting songs. Shadow castles. Scimitar dances. Decapitations. Bandits out of their depth. Freakish conspiracies. Eyeless vultures. Mock battles. Revelations of parentage. Love triangles. Troop movements. Elaborate courtesan disguises. Infernal steel boats powered by human flesh. Running with the wolves. Death by lightning. Stolen violins. Discarded crowns. Immense living juggernauts. Harem negotiations. Tea with spies. Arrow-riders. Inexplicably abandoned rakes. Lace pants. Meat-headed peasants. Hell-blooded warlords. Genie-romancing wizards. Snakeman assassins. Cults of pain. Hooks that sing. Potions of liquid goblin. Sinister songbirds. Pig-killers. Eel-hags. Tattoo witches. Minotaur corsairs. Unexpected sisters. Duels in Limbo. The City of Brass.

Why yes, this game has had it all.

Tor's Gate

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