Tor's Gate

The city of Tor’s Gate is built into a valley on the eastern side of the northern Grey Hills. Its layout is somewhat like a diamond, tapering to north and south as the hills get taller. It can be fairly described as “rough but peaceful”: the locals are stubborn and hate backing down from fights, but the current ducal court is able to maintain a peaceable order.


Tor’s Gate takes its name from one of the first dukes of the fledgling Tamshar. Duke Tor was a wyvernmaster native to the Grey Hills, who had performed numerous guerrilla raids against the forces of Taglamach and Gychmal. In recognition of his deeds, he was given governance over the fortress of Blackroost and its surrounding mining camps. During his time, the settlement grew in its own right, and Blackroost was refitted and expanded into the ducal keep of Wyvernsroost.


The city is currently governed by Duke Suldane Torsblood, a remote relative of the original Duke Tor who also manifested the rare talent of wyvernmastery. He earned his title during the Stonebreaker War, and appointed many of his colleagues-in-arms to city positions: the sorcerer Mace as “court wizard,” the ferocious warrior Lonica Direhorn as Watch-Captain, and the stoic priest Hordin as Chapelmaster. The Duchess Consort of Tor’s Gate, Vanera, is a dangerous wizard in her own right as well. The ducal court is rounded out by Marshal Larnek, a young man with little actual battle experience but a wealth of tactical education and skill.


The major temples serving Tor’s Gate and its populace are the Hall of Swords (Goreador), the Temple Under the Mountain (Theht), Wolfchapel (Alvoran) and the Heavenly Bastion (the Higher Nine). A sprinkling of shrines see to the representation of other human gods, as well as a worship-hall dedicated to the Aezadun in Ironsquare. Like other Tamsharn cities, Tor’s Gate also boasts its own Hell Street.


Inns and taverns of note include the Tattered Gryphon, the White Chimera and the Raven’s Ruby. A bordello of surprising quality, Lady Amberyll’s House of the Rose, has a reputation well beyond the city outskirts.

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Tor's Gate

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