Hope 3e gear

Masterwork chain shirt — bought in Hamaji

Ourobouran ring — in silver, +2 AC

(Let’s say that these two can be combined; that the ouroborous has been coaxed to uncoil itself and then take its tail in its mouth again as the primary link in the chain, giving her chain mail +3.)

Obsidian silk cloak — cloak of fire resistance (+5 resist), made of obsidian spider silk

(This would be her neck slot. I believe Aldus’ is +2 to Fort, Ref and Will, and grants fire resist 10; Hope’s would be mechanically identical.)

Frostbite — shortbow +1, +1d6 frost damage bestowed on the arrows shot from it, made of very pale wood, nearly white, set with lapis lazuli shading from deep to pale

(If you’re keeping this, it would move up to a +2 frost weapon, as per the Players Handbook, p. 234.)

Truesilver shield — small shield +1, truesilver, round, unpainted, was +2 to AC with no armor check penalty or chance of arcane spell failure

(+2 to AC and Reflex. Naturally, the problem is that you can’t use it along with a bow…)

Barrowblade of the Cairnlands — longsword +1, ghost touch, very grim and black

(Probably a +2 longsword that does extra damage to insubstantial creatures.)

Adamantine dagger — made by Par

(+2 hit and damage, +2d10 on a crit, untyped damage done with the dagger ignores 2 points of resistance.)

Muttering blade — longsword +1 awaiting more interesting name than “the muttering one,” from the forge of the fire giant in the City of Brass (the dwarf-like giant), steel, has runes on the flat area near the hilt, mutters in battle for some reason

(Might go up to +2, but no special powers. Potentially the sort of thing you’d give as a present to the captain of your guard when you get a fief or perhaps trade away.)

The Miller’s Sword — longsword, old and well-worn, but still well-balanced and serviceable; the miller kept it in good condition (had the “cold iron” property, according to my latest character sheet, but I can’t find a note on the previous one saying so)

(Standard old sword. Might stop a fey’s regeneration, but no bonuses to hit or damage.)

Masterwork quarterstaff — virtually unused, actually, since she really doesn’t carry it anymore

(“Masterwork” now translates to “+1, no special abilities.)

14 arrows that are either magic +1 or masterwork +1, can’t remember

(As above, but remember that they no longer stack with a bow’s bonuses. So not so useful if you keep Frostbite.)

19 cold iron-headed arrows (unless Aldus didn’t need and returned some of the 10 she gave him)

(Again, no bonus, but might prevent fey regeneration.)

40 alchemical silver arrows

(As above, only substitute lycanthropes for fey.)

Amulet of Tongues — “Little ugly face sticking its tongue out. Pull tongue to activate.”

(Daily power: will grant ability to understand any spoken language for the encounter.)

Bracelet of the Crow — “Set with a small onyx stone in the shape of a crow. On command word, crow comes to life and can carry message.”

(This does pretty much what it says it does.)

Mandolin — masterwork, created by the luthier of Tor’s Gate

Zahafaz — also masterwork

Wyvern kantele — instrument fashioned from a wyvern’s jawbone, with the teeth used as pegs She also has a few instruments that are excellent but not masterwork…a cherrywood lute, something flute-like that she wore on her belt the night of the Darkling’s attack (hard to wear a mandolin to a formal party)

(The musical instruments don’t require rules adjustments.)

  • Scroll of Shadow Armor
  • Scroll of Invisibility
  • Potion of Bear’s Endurance
  • Potion of Glamour
  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Cure Serious

(Most potions don’t translate properly. I would throw them all out and substitute two potions of vitality. You may keep the scrolls if you like, though they’ll be one-shot items that don’t duplicate from the book, and therefore ad-libbed when you use them. Or get rid of them to simplify book-keeping, whichever.)

  • Six vials of antitoxin

(I believe each one is consumed as a minor, and provides a +2 bonus to saves against poison effects for the duration of the encounter.)

  • Camouflage suit, +5 circumstance bonus to Fort saves vs. cold, +2 to Hide in the Grey Hills region

(So circumstantial it’s easily house-ruled. It would be +2 to Stealth in the Grey Hills now, and, uh, toasty warm.)

  • Healer’s kit
  • Hand mirror that reflects only dusk
  • A pair of silver and sapphire earrings

(No conversions necessary.)

Hope 3e gear

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