Hellfast Spoils

Five people, plus horses, would still have one heck of a time trying to carry the loot dropped by some 75+ human-sized corpses, plus ogre and eligaur gear, plus random interesting bits taken from the keep. It has been made a little easier on you, of course. The barracks were hastily looted, presumably the survivors of the “army” gathering what valuables of their comrades they could carry and fleeing into the wild. The gear of the Hellblade himself and his concubines and lieutenants is perhaps manageable. But there are many trophies and heirlooms, making the challenge of prioritization a tricky one for those who like exotic keepsakes.

- Moudraghu: The Hellblade’s nethersteel bastard sword +2. Name means “Seventh Death” in the Pria Kumureth. Lore places it as an heirloom handed down (perhaps involuntarily) from one of the Scourge’s bastard half-breed sons.

- The Callous Resplendence: A suit of +2 full plate, worked in a faintly Gothic fashion and stained a darkish gold. It was apparently wrought in the forges of the Baal-Angru Nethocracy for one of their warlords, then taken as a prize by the Scourge when the Twelve toppled the Baal-Angru. (Parmoran took this into the forges under the Hall of Swords, sanctified it on the sacred anvils there, and wears the now reconsecrated mail.)

- Cobazar’s Revelation: A wrought-iron lantern with attached iron chain, radiating red light from a still-beating demon’s heart within. When the shutters are lifted, the light reveals the invisible (to a 25’ radius), but those within the light suffer a -1 to Will defense, as they are distracted by the beating of the hideous heart. The work of a paranoid sorcerer who, naturally, died unpleasantly. (Claimed by Aldus.)

- A copy of the Violet Codex of Crioth (radiates magic, in a somewhat jumbled mix of auras). Thick leather binding, dyed a vivid violet, with a rune which seems derived from the Pria Kumureth picked out in gold on the cover. Known as the unholy bible of the Criothic Sect, a religious group devoted to bringing demons back into the service of Hell. Let me know if anyone goes for a read. (Currently under investigation by temple groups? I forget.)

- A yellow topaz worked into an eye-like shape, in a black metal setting that emulates the mark of Kalikaban, radiating divination magic. It appears to adhere to one’s forehead. Not known to lore. Once activated, provides darkvision and the ability to see through mist or fog clearly. However, it does also seem to be usable as a focus for scrying when activated, though it doesn’t possess the power itself to transmit what the viewer (or gem) sees to another master. Kalikaban would have to actively scry on the gem for that to take place.

*Masterwork steel shield
*Nethersteel handaxe
*Nethersteel knife, with brass guard in the shape of an infernal lion’s head (Aldus_)
*Masterwork suit of chain-and-plate, stained a deep green
*Masterwork longsword of Sundran make, with green-enameled trim
*Masterwork elven saber with gold-inlaid guard
*Long elven dagger with gold-and-silver inlaid guard (_Aldus
*Masterwork spear of elven make
*Masterwork saber of Vilessan make
*Masterwork greatsword with a dwarven forge-mark
*2 suits plate mail
*2 pounds copper (melted remnants of ogre adornments)

*Assorted weapons in various states of fire damage (emphasis on swords and axes, but enough that if you have any requests, it may be there); this includes the well-crafted if somewhat barbaric-looking weapons carried by the eligaurs and good-quality if not masterwork weapons carried by the “palace guard”.

*Assorted pieces of armor in various states of fire damage (if you’re looking for something in particular, it’s probably there… let me know if anyone feels like grabbing a breastplate or pauldron or coif or whatever.) (The finest pieces were taken back to civilization and sold or donated to the Hall of Swords.)

  • A kantele-like musical instrument fashioned from a wyvern’s jawbone, the teeth used as pegs (claimed by Hope)
  • Elegant cherry-wood lute with silver strings (claimed by Hope)
  • Antique war-horn from unknown beast
  • A copy of Blessings of the Black Womb, a tome on the topic of fertility through demonology
  • 22 more mundane books (all treated with great possessiveness by Ixana), on such topics as military history, tactics, anatomy, poison, collected songs, metallurgy, demonic cults, trophy-hunting and assassination (kept by Ixana, though Vorzheva has traded some “more appropriate” texts for the less savory ones; specifically: demonic cults, poison and assassination, possibly trophy hunting, depending on the author’s slant.)
  • Silver-chased goblet made from a fanged, ram-horned humanoid skull (Vorzheva)
  • A collection of exotic oils, perfumes and cosmetics
  • Hand-painted diviner’s deck with somewhat occult/underworld symbolism
  • Four elaborate silver candelabras, slightly tarnished, with an ivy-and-thorns motif; faintly elfin
  • A great mass of silken bedsheets and pillows in a variety of rich colors and patterns, slightly used (burned)
  • A couple of wardrobes’ worth of clothing, mostly rather nice (many donated to charity)
  • Assorted lucky charms and small personal effects: holed coins on strings, hip flasks, decks of playing cards, pocket knives, etc.
  • A small collection of skulls, including those of a deformed goblin, an owlbear, and a manticore
  • 40 bottles of assorted wines, mostly reds (left for a later trip)
  • 28 bottles of assorted hard liquors, some of dubious nature (left for a later trip)
  • 3 coffers of gold, each containing 1000 gp
  • A fourth coffer, down to 212 gp
  • 5 coffers of silver, each containing 1000 sp
  • A sixth coffer, containing 355 sp
  • A handsome ruby with a dark, purplish hue (roughly 700 gp)
  • Roughly 350 gold in loose coin, purses, etc.
  • Another 400 or so gold in loose jewelry (mostly from the Hellblade’s mistresses)

Not-so-portable things:

  • The fresh skin of a large wyvern (the mother to Aldus’?) (claimed by Aldus)
  • Large portrait of the Scourge on horseback leading his troops (recently cleaned)
  • Oil portraits of the Scourge’s three demonic concubines (the one that looks suspiciously like the foremother of Vorzheva’s line is titled “Saabnoth”)
  • Archaic cloth maps from the War Room
  • Various trophy shields hung in the throne room
  • The contents of the Scourge’s trophy room (including many aged war-banners and standards, the skeleton of some kind of fanged and winged fiend, an elven “greatsword” with forward-curving hook design, two sets of dwarven royal guard armor, a collection of Baal-Angru helms and shields, a large wyvern skull, a dead gargoyle of notable size, a blackened steel gladius roughly the size of Hope, the brittle pelt of a black manticore, and a set of ornate horse barding set on the skeleton of a horse). (The wyvern skull was taken to Duke Torsblood)
  • Lots of antique furniture, often with clawed or scaled motifs worked into the wood parts, some in dire need of reupholstering
  • Sacks of grain, dried vegetables and hard cheeses, as well as meat being hung up to dry (returned to the nearby village)

Hellfast Spoils

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