Goligut's Hoard

Goligut’s guests had the following salvageable items:

  • The songhorn/blowpipe-like instrument. Also two handfuls of darts, but it’s hard to tell how they were used with the blowpipe: they don’t seem like they should work (they are too small) and practice doesn’t reveal the trick.
  • Two pairs of elegant cat-leather boots
  • 6 nicely balanced knives, perhaps for juggling
  • 8 colorful silk scarves
  • A handful of brightly colored silken ribbons

The thorn-slaved bugbear had his carved-from-a-thorny-bole morningstar.

Amid the remains of the animated chunk of the Foulbriar, you find a heart-shaped hunk of heartwood. Even it has thorns on it, though they’re small.

Goligut’s possessions included:

  • Some of her inklike blood could be retrieved (two vials’ worth)
  • Her hag-staff; it seems to have the power of her curse still running through it. Not safe to use.
  • A potion of vitality, set on a shelf inside a stoppered, shrunken skull.
  • 300g worth of general-purpose ritual components
  • The skull of some elven (or fey?) hunter-hero, adorned with scrimshaw work depicting his hunts
  • Many bone bracelets, and one gold bracelet set with aquamarines among them (1500g)
  • A carved totem in the form of a bird’s foot bedecked with jeweled rings
  • An incredibly tarnished brass figurine in the shape of a dragon eating its tail

Goligut's Hoard

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