Coldmere is a town on the edge of the Tarrenwood, situated by a smallish lake fed by a Grey Hills underground stream that surfaces a mile or so out of town. A wood stockade was recently completed, surrounding the town. There are a small number of fishermen’s houses and docks along the lakefront. The lake itself is oddly cold, but stocked with plenty of fish and freshwater eels. It is much deeper than it looks toward the center. There are about 300 people in Coldmere, including the low governor and his household.

There is one tavern in town: the Six Eels, a timber building that is typically low, wide and smoky. It has no rooms for boarders; merely a common room. The owner is an aging fellow named Wandel.

The town has two proper shrines. The larger is a small shrine to Larra, Alvoran and Chaneth (the Shrine of the Seasons’ Bounty) that sits at the western end of town. It is overseen by Cilmarn, a honey-blond woman in her 30s who dresses in green robes. She is a member of the Church of the Land’s Life. The second shrine is little more than a small standing stone dedicated to Broucka a little ways out of town, where loggers leave offerings to propitiate the Verdant Lord.

The low governor, Remmal Mansetarn, lives in a wood “manor” built around a small stone tower. The town sheriff is Kuron, and the current warden is Culmer Angarn.


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