The patient and determined battle-priest of Goreador who stands beside the heroes of Tor's Gate.


Parmoran (“Par” to most) is a sword-foundling, a babe left on the steps of the Goreadon Hall of Swords. He took to life in the temple well, seizing upon Tierkarone as a strong father figure and finding equal pleasure in swordplay and forge-work. His dedication and natural skill distinguished him from his fellow novices, and when he was chosen to serve as a vessel of Goreador’s power, most at the temple believed it almost inevitable.

He saw little actual combat before falling in with Vorzheva and then with Hope, Zath and Aldus. However, battle proved to be a calling to him, and despite an early bout with self-doubt, he has never turned down the opportunity to draw his blade in a fair cause. He has gradually fallen deeply in love with Vorzheva, and is happiest when he is able to serve his god at her side. His role in the various heroic deeds performed by his companions has earned him recognition from his church: the Hall of Swords has bestowed upon him the honorific surname of “Thunderson” and the rank of High Champion.

Par is pure Tamsharn in appearance — a little over six feet tall, an almost dusky complexion, flinty grey eyes, a strong jaw and rugged features. His most notable departure from the appearance of the archetypal Tamsharn man is his dark hair, which he wears unusually long, swept back from a widow’s peak. His build is dense, the product of his smithing training, but he can be surprisingly quick when the need’s there. He tends to play the straight man among the group, smiling easily but laughing rarely. It’s rare to see him in anything other than some variation of Goreadon white, grey and red.


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