Marshal Larnek

The unreadable, diabolically crafty marshal to Duke Torsblood of Tor's Gate.


Marshal Erion Larnek’s life is not a secret, but he remains an oddly enigmatic figure in the Ducal Court of Tor’s Gate. Only in his mid-20s, he has all the tactical acumen and strategical skill of a veteran twice his age. He seems to have access to an information network not even the Duke understands fully, and possesses an unnatural gift for anticipating an enemy’s moves and countering them before they can enter play. He is fully dedicated to his position, almost married to it. When a dangerous problem is in play, Marshal Larnek sleeps and eats little, and spends absolutely no time on leisure activities until the difficulty has been resolved.

His personal history is not widely known. It’s understood that he attended one or more war colleges in Dathylway at a young age, presumably under some form of scholarship. He is reputed to have limited ability with a sword. In the years between graduation and placement at Tor’s Gate, he traveled across Tamshar, spending time in the Koss Plains, Lassmuth and Kite in particular. When he accepted the post of marshal, he brought his adjutant Kessa with him.

Larnek (always “Larnek,” never “Erion”) is a slender, dark-haired man, somewhat fair-skinned for a Tamsharn. He affects conservatively colored clothes and is fastidiously clean-shaven. He moves with an unusual speed and grace, gliding into councils like a storm-crow. His most vexing flaw is a seeming inability to display warmth or even emotion of any sort — Vorzheva has complained before of “the mask” he always seems to wear.

Marshal Larnek

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