The murderous priest of Mal Zath who allied himself with the Right Hand.


Part of the conspiracy to resurrect the Scourge, Kylax’s role was to strengthen, arm and prepare the reborn Taglamach for his role as conqueror. A member of the Canagnothic Brotherhood, Kylax believed in the order’s specific ideal that the best and most glorious wars required the best and most able warmongers. Rather than look to aspiring bloodletters of the present, Kylax saw opportunity in calling back one of the greatest warbringers of the past. Indeed, if the resurrection of the Scourge had taken place, Kylax would have striven to enact ten more.

Kylax first came to the Tor’s Gate band’s notice during Hope and Vorzheva’s assignment to bring in Dareg “Pig-Killer” Cannerson. He had settled in the town of Horsewater, ostensibly as Cannerson’s lieutenant and advisor. When Cannerson was captured and abducted, Kylax led the pursuit, and was believed lost in the river. He later crossed their paths again in Lassmuth, and the band chased him all the way to Khavayin. There they caught him in the Valley of Rust, working magic to call back another undead champion of Mal Zath. The group paid an ugly price when the juggernaut defending the Valley slew Parmoran, but Kylax did not survive their reprisal.

Kylax was of medium build, with intense blue eyes and black hair he dyed blood-red at the ends. He wore chain mail at almost all times, and fullplate when going into battle. Like many devotees of the Blood Bull, he favored the greataxe.


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