Tor's Gate

2 - The Funeral

A funeral is held in which the recently departed is not the only one needing to be put to rest.

Early Spring 2718 (CE): A little over a week later, an older man by the name of Kalyan approaches Vorzheva and Hope. He is looking for an honor guard for his former employer’s funeral cortege. He doesn’t expect trouble, but the deceased (Payal Chalkspar) asked to be buried in the family cemetery, which requires some travel out of town. He offers 20 crowns a head for an honor guard of four.

Vorzheva, Hope, Zath and Par all accept. Only two other mourners make the trip: Selik and Forshan, also former servants. Also attending are three workers to dig the grave, and the priest Halwain Escrit, a devotee of the Higher Nine who will conduct the ceremony.

The trip itself is uneventful; the service, however, is not. Animated animal skeletons (the most dangerous, a boar’s) come burrowing out of the freshly-dug grave and attack. Halwain notes the bones were gnawed clean.

They retreat with the mourners to Chalkspar’s home, now belonging to one Brest Ilvar, who plays host to them that evening. In the morning, the five (the honor guard plus Halwain) return to the grave site, and squeeze through the tunnels farther into the mountain. The tunnels lead to an old mausoleum buried deep, one that Halwain translates as belonging to a warrior called Kuli Kavan. They fight a variety of walking dead — human skeletons and zombies, and a ghoul king wearing Kuli Kavan’s golden death mask. The fight is dramatic, but the undead are laid back to rest, and the death mask restored to Kuli Kavan’s sarcophagus. Halwain reconsecrates the ground, and Payal Chalkspur’s funeral concludes.

Some time passes, during which Parmoran begins teaching Vorzheva to read and Hope to better her sword skills.

Characters Introduced: Halwain Escrit, Kalyan, Selik, Forshan.



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