Tor's Gate

1 - The Menagerie

A sideshow proves more dangerous than expected, but so do its customers.

Shortly after Icemelt, 2718 CE: Par wakes Vorzheva early to go see a menagerie outside the western gate. A variety of beasts are on display. One — a “Devil-Ogre” from Toquay — inconveniently breaks its bonds and is loosed. Par and Vorzheva put it down with the aid of a hooded magician. Afterwards, introductions are made: to Zath Osath and Hope Wainwright.

It turns out the ogre was deliberately loosed, by a girl attached to the show. It was a distraction so she could flee. The adventurers track down the girl, Trileene, and hear the story of her abuse at the hands of the caravan-master Valmer. She explains that there are eight guards, three of whom might be dangerous (Trig, Sorco and Vesh). The adventurers lure out Vesh, who was following Trileene, and capture him. Then they head to the menagerie and shut it down.

The menagerie contained a badly treated hunting cat, which is taken to Wolfchapel; a malicious huge spider that must be put down; and a plant that drinks alcohol and changes color (which Zath trades to Osgrod for three months of room and board). Zath keeps Valmer’s carnival wagon. Trileene stays on at the Tattered Gryphon as an entertainer. Vesh is turned in. And the group runs into a court wizard who acts nothing like a court wizard.

Characters Introduced: Zath Osath, Hope Wainwright, Trileene, Valmer, Trig, Sorco, Vesh, Kallin Longpaw, Mace, Constable Querth

Characters Departed: Valmer, Trig, Sorco



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