Tor's Gate

0 - Preludes

A tiefling comes to Tor's Gate.

Mender 2717 CE: Vorzheva parts company with a caravan in Lockstone, meets Sidelle. The two are entangled, so to speak, in an affair against a botanomancer. They set off for Tor’s Gate, and there’s an interlude at the unfinished Carler Tezzun’s Inn. Thimber Tallstalk, aka Tallshanks, aids them with goblin-trouble from the Foulbriar. They rescue a number of captured men from a goblin camp. On the last leg of the road to the city, an ogre blocks their path but is made to flee.

On the 10th of Mender, they arrive in Tor’s Gate. Vorzheva earns a room at the Tattered Gryphon by ousting the would-be lute-plucker “Sir” Luuvar Dialdon, and meets the sellsword Teric. This causes some trouble, and Dialdon eventually pays others to steal her violin. His mischief is undone, though.

Over the winter, Teric moves on and Vorzheva goes to the Hall of Swords to learn a new form of swordfighting. She is given to the care of one Parmoran, which will prove entirely more significant than anyone suspects.

Characters Introduced: Vorzheva, Sidelle, Thimber Tallstalk, Luuvar Dialdon, Osgrod, Rahani Marib-abn-Li, Roarsh the Bald, Hevark Goldhammer, Teric, Slorn One-Eye, Velanya, Parmoran, Tierkarone



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